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If You Could Turn $11 Into $3,043 … How Many Times Would You Do It?

 Revolutionary Proven 3 Step NFT Strategy that Makes Me

$3,043 over and over again ,

By Flipping FREE & RARE NFT Images I Discover....

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  • Uncover High Converting NFT Collections & Images on 4  Specific, Newbie Friendly Marketplaces

  • Zero Experience Needed - Anyone can get started, any age group, female or male. 

  • 100% beginner friendly - it was created for the newbie in mind

  • Step By Step Blueprint - Premium over the shoulder Video training, Easy To Follow, Easy To implement.

  • Free Software included - Free tools used, Nothing to pay to generate results.

  • 10k Case Study - Revealing my exact strategy to generating over 10k in profit from Free NFT's .

  • Scam Bulletproof - Revealing how to avoid being scammed based on real experiences.

  • Beginner Friendly | Battle-Tested Strategy | Real Passive Income

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    “I Minted an NFT that cost me 0.01 Solanas ($11 dollars) and I was able to get another 2 FREE NFT's from that same collection which I was able to Flip them all and generated me over 10k in 3 days. MASSIVE ROI! "

    Inside NFT's Cracked , I REVEAL my Winning Case Study Which Generated Me a Massive ROI with Only $11 Spent...and from Free NFT's generating over $20,400 in profit! 

    I even got results based on the main training inside NFTS Cracked making 15 Sol in 16 days...

    Top Entrepreneurs Praising and Vouching for NFT's Cracked 

    I even got results based on the main training inside NFTS racked making 15 Sol in 16 days...

    70% Of People Don't know What NFT's Are

    And they are leaving a Big Chunk of Money on the Table


    While NFT adoption is forecast to increase around the world in future, a large number of people still don’t know what NFTs are.

    Japan has the highest percentage of people who said they don’t know what NFTs are (90%), followed by Germany (83%) and the United Kingdom (79%).

    On the other end of the spectrum, the Philippines recorded the lowest percentage at 49%, followed by Nigeria (52%) and Thailand (53%).

    American internet users currently own a non-fungible token — or an NFT. Finder polled more than 28,000 people in an online survey across 20 countries to compare NFT ownership, revealing the US ranks third last for NFT adoption.

    However, while just 2.8% of the 2,001 US internet users surveyed said they currently own NFTs, an additional 3.9% said they plan to acquire some.

    This means NFT adoption in the United States could soon hit 6.7%.

  • What You Don't Know About NFT's


    Non Fungible tokens and The Truth 

    To make you money as quickly as possible with NFT's you need to understand how to find the profitable NFT that will bring you passive income or straight up profit in your wallets.

    Without Spending A LOT OF MONEY! 

    you need to be aware of the risks involved.

    80% of NFT's ARE SPAM, SCAMS and FRAUD.

    How do I Know? 

    Well based on personal experiences, i'm here to save you from taking the wrong steps and path. 

    Don't worry, that's why you will know the exact steps and what others don't share so you can be aware.  

    Why Do They Always Make It So Complicated

    To make money as fast as possible …You need to research for the best NFT collection to purchase...

    To make money consistently …

    You need to find that NFT collection that will provide you with those specific utilities or roadmap that will create that for you.

    That’s it. 

    The solution has AND ALWAYS WILL be to know WHEN TO SELL or HOLD .

    But that can be a problem because until now:

  • You need to pay for expensive tools to help you get that information

  • You had to know what kinds of NFT's will be profitable

  • It involved unnecessary risk

  • But it’s 2022, and i've done the dirty work to help you achieve succcess with NFT's. 

    NFT's have come a long way …


    And you don’t have to wait for OR worry about what NFT's are and or how to make money from them easily and without spending bank. 

    Top Converting RARE NFT Images  

    in 3 Steps...

    This unique strategy does what nothing else on the market can:

    Automates PROVEN-TO-CONVERT steps to generate sales from high converting NFT collections you can own yourself easily which are Rare and Affordable!

    There’s no guesswork because my strategy will help you do this for yourself following the 3 simple steps taught inside :

  • Instantly find the next top NFT collection for as low as ZERO dollars spent, or as low as 0.1 solanas ($11) 

  • How to Properly Set Up and Sell Your NFT's for profits.

  • How To Turn 1 NFT into a Passive income Stream

  • This works great for anyone wanting to learn how to get started with NFT's. 

    It's the ultimate proven step by step guide and coaching to help you achieve results at last with NFT's

    It’s generating me a passive income with a simple step by step strategy anyone can do.…

    It’s doing the same for beta testers & early customers …

    Now it’s your turn.

    Hey it's Demetris

    Let me be perfectly honest with you here.  I'm by no means any type of NFT expert. I'm no financial advisor either. 

    I'm just a regular guy, who's been working from home since 2012, and i've managed to build multiple income sources through various tactics and strategies online, allowing me to gain knowledge and build various money income streams throughout my online career.

    Right now, i'm at a point where I have discovered an income source which is very rewarding.  

    Falling deep inside the NFT space, I went through the good and bad.  Mostly the good brought me the rewards, while the bad, taught me lessons that allows me and puts me in a position to help you not do the same mistakes I've done upon entering this space. 

    I will be helping you avoid any steps that might lead to you being scammed, and i'm also holding you by the hand to save you money, as this space has a lot and it's an interesting place to begin. I would say it's the BEST TIME To get inside the NFT Boom.

    It's been almost a year, and i've been experimenting with NFT's and finally my hard work has paid off. 

    I was able to generate a massive ROI from my initial investments and also after losing several thousand from a SCAM I became stronger than ever, and i'm in the best position to share with you secrets other's won't share with you.

    If you decide to join, then just know this will be the easiest way for someone to come in this space and get successful if you follow the steps taught inside my NFT Cracked course. 

    It’s the easiest way to find , flip and earn a Massive ROI....

    See you inside 


    For a Method That Pays You

    Nothing Else Comes Close

    Amazing ROI.

    Turning free or low priced imaged into $1,000 - 3,500$ consistently ...

    Start taking part in successful NFT launches, Mint at the lowest (most affordable for you) and gain the highest possible payout through this method.

    Zero Experience Needed.

    No copywriting or design skills required.

    This method is so easy , anyone can do it, at any age or sex.


    This breakthrough method can generate life-changing results, just like it is for us and others already:

    NFT Cracked Makes Finding High Converting NFT Collections 

     An Absolute Breeze

    Huge Time-Saver

    Stop wasting hours of time manually searching

    for NFT collections.   I have a software that will help you uncover the winning nft's you need to get in.

    Laser Targeting Winning NFT Launches

    Instantly find the NFT that is worth investing in.  My goal is to make you a profit from the method taught inside.

    Boost Your ROI

    Your Low to zero investment, will get you high ROI either instantly, or through passive income.  Your choice is inside the training.

    Find The Rarest Of Them All

    Allows you to Uncover the rarest NFT you can purchase at the lowest price. 

    NFT's Cracked Reveals The Exact Steps To Quick Flipping to Profits

    And helps you generate a passive income and Massive ROI with NFt's..

    Now anyone can start seeing results within hours of logging in ...

  • Without wasting a second on boring niche or campaign research

  •  Without learning a single thing about creating NFT's

  • Without BS or unproven theories

  • Without having to pay for any traffic, or recruit users 

  • Because this battle tested and proven strategy to evergreen profits with NFT's based on my personal results and methods i've been using in the last 12 months.

    Use My Exact Blueprint I'm teaching you Inside and Build your Own Passive Income with NFT's 

    What My Real Customers are saying about NFTS Cracked! 



    This 3 step strategy, allows anyone to get inside the NFT space and start generating a real passive income by either flipping or holding images. I show you and reveal to you everything you need to know to get started for free. 

    Find High Converting NFT's |  Sell Your NFT's For Profit  | Maximize Your ROI

  • 100% beginner friendly

  • Quickly Uncover the Next NFT Collection

  • Copy My “Secret 3 Step System” to Flipping NFT's for Profit.

  • Discover How To Get FREE NFt's 

  • Free Tools to Use Zero Investment Needed 

  • Avoid Getting Scammed with NFt's All Information Inside On my personal mistakes no one is sharing with you.

  • Get views to your NFT using this simple method I teach you inside.

  • When to Hold Your NFT for Passive Income

  • Real Case Studies How I Generated Over 20k with NFT's 

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    All The Right Steps You Need To Get Started

    with NFT Marketplaces

  • Uncover Ultra-high converting Super Rare NFTS 

  • Untapped by most marketers

  • NFT's  You can Afford

  • For turning $11 into $10,000 …or even getting $0 Mints, to flip into $2,300 over and over again... ...This is the BEST network we’ve ever found to make easy profits using NFT's. 

    Did we mention you don't need to have any type of knowledge in NFT's or Crypto?

    I cover everything inside!  

    So Simple. 100% Beginner Friendly

    Just Copy What I Show You & Replicate The Rest

    Spy , Uncover, Mint, Sell, Profit

    Uncover winning Collections Easily 

    Within minutes of following my over the shoulder's training, and setup, I will guide you using a free software tool which will scrape all top nft's running right now on various marketplaces with almost zero transaction fees, which will allow you to invest and flip or hold your nft to profits.


    Uncover Rare NFT's at Low Prices 

    Learn how to uncover NFt's which are RARE meaning they are valuable, at a very very lowest price.  Many holders have no idea about the real value of the NFT .  You will have the upper hand. 

    List Your NFTS At the Right Time at Right Place

    Learn how to hold and list your NFT's at the right time for maximum profits.  Learn how to take advantage of certain market trends or roadmaps to look for. I teach you everything i've used in my own campaigns.  And how I saved money and fees because of my methods.

  • Real Case Studies Inside

    Copy my exact methods to how I was able to generate over 13k in flipping NFt's . I reveal all the steps you need to know.

    This is your fast start into lucrative NFT's Flipping And Holding Methods. for maximum ROI.

    Research, Mint & Flip for Profit Made Simple

    In Just 3 Short Steps

    STEP 1

    Follow my exact steps in uncovering the next big drop using spy tools you can use to get for FREE or to MINT for Profit.

    STEP 2

    List your NFT to specific secondary markets or HOLD your NFT depending on projects for a passive income.   I show you what you need to do at these two occasions.

    STEP 3

    Enjoy Profits From Flips in as

    little as 24 hours!

    This NFT Premium Training

    Is PROVEN Beginner-Friendly

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    4 More Reasons Why NFT's CRACKED Is

    Light Years Ahead Of The Competition

    Beginner And Wallet Friendly

    NFt's Cracked is built for any level of experience and budget.

    Get started with profitable NFT Flipping for as low as FREE or even $5-$35 .  The marketplace I share with you are low on transaction fees.   Everything inside is made for the person who doesn't have a big budget.   From there the sky's the limit. 

    Epic Support & Training


    We use this software & system ourselves, so it’s always up-to-date.Because your success is our success, you get the absolute best support in the industry with multiple ways to contact us.


    And of course you get over-the-shoulder training to set you up for success right out of the gate.

    Battle-Tested & Results Going Back

    For 24 Months


    We and early testers have been using beta versions of NFT's Cracked.

    After multiple updates & revisions, this completely updated version is a performance & profit machine.

    Get Paid From Multiple Platforms


    NFT's Cracked Method works with any Marketplace which deals with NFt's. List and Sell by fliippingor holding and get paid from many multiple plaforms. 

    The Following Are Included

    When You Invest In NFT's Cracked Today:

    Inclusion #1:


    NFt's Cracked is based on my real results with flipping NFt's and holding nft's for passive income.  I have a 3 step strategy I use where I rinse and repeat and my rewards are high when my collections go up.   Learn how I uncover winning collections and how I find cheaper mints or free mints for maximum ROI. 

    Inclusion #2:

    Discover Top Upcoming NFT Collections

    Use the training and the free software to discover which next NFT you should get into.  We will be scraping the next top collection using the free tools included inside NFT's Cracked.

    Inclusion #3: 

    Software to uncover RARE NFT's for the Lowest Price

    Gain valuable insights into your competition with the ability to view a list of nft's based on rank.   Many nft's are out there which have attributes which are very rare, however the owner of these nft's aren't aware.  See how you can uncover and pull them from under them instantly owning them into your wallet. 

    Inclusion #4: Step By Step Guide, Video Training and Blueprint

    NFT's Cracked Premium Training Academy

    Get bonus access to our exact blueprint to making sales through this simple strategy taught inside NFt's Cracked.

    This is a beginner-friendly training course consisting of over the shoulder videos, designed to get you started as a total newbie in this Crypto Driven NFT space. 

    All training is over the shoulder, take you by the hand, making it really stupid easy for anyone to get started today! 

    The course is covered in 13 Videos:

    One Thing Is For Sure Learning the Art of NFT trading is Easier than you think....And life changing

    You can keep struggling in finding your path with NFT's …

    And keep struggling to make the profits you deserve.

    Or you can grab this proven solution ...

    and training, to jumpstart your online career as an NFT Trader....

    And never struggle for in this space again.   I reveal everything! No stones unturned...

    any newcomer can follow and implement for results. 

    30 Day Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee

    Pick up Nft's Cracked  today completely risk-free.

    We’re so confident you’ll love this that your investment is completely covered.

    See for yourself how easy it is to have profit-optimized ads created in as little as 60 seconds.

    Leverage the  Real Case study inside  and my step-by-step training and scaling tools to get real results with NFT's

    If you have questions or need support at any time, we’ll do whatever it takes to help you as soon as humanly possible.

    But if for any reason you decide this isn’t for you …

    Just let us know anytime over the next 30 days …

    And you’ll get a prompt, hassle-free refund.With this guarantee, the only way to lose is if you miss out now, and have to pay more later.

    I Am Really Looking Forward To Seeing You On The Inside...

    I Am Confident You're Going To Love This!

    Claim Your NFT's Cracked License Now!

    Inside You Get Started in Your Journey into the Crypto Driven World of NFT's  

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    What is NFT's Cracked in a nutshell?

    This is a simple-to- follow beginners training into learning how to generate money with NFT's.  I take you by the hand and show you the exact steps that generated me a massive ROI from just flipping images that I have invested in or got for free.  I show you my exact method inside.  Anyone who is new and wants to experience NFT's this is the place.

    What makes this different from other Crypto and NFT Courses Out there? 

    The information shared inside NFT's Cracked is based solely on my own personal results (Demetris) .  I was able to follow a strategy over and over and one day it paid off for all the hard work I've put in and hard earned money I invested in to find the best method to generate money with NFT's.   Everything taught inside is not based on theory but based on facts with proven results inside. 

    Do I need tech skills?

    This is a very SIMPLE process so any beginner can be up and running with my training and system in no time.

    Do I need a list or previous experience to make this work?

    No! You don’t need a list or experience. Just follow our crystal-clear steps for the initial setup and you’ll be up and running.

    Are any other investments required?

    Because the method inside teaches you the of the lowest-cost nft marketplaces out there, you can get started with as little as $11...or even free if you're lucky ;) 

    Will I be rich tomorrow? 

    Maybe?  Depending on what rich means to you.   You will definitely learn the art of NFT Flipping. You will lose money too.  But you will definitely make it all back by just one sale of one successful NFT collection.  The risks are high, but in my training, i show you how to avoid risks..  I show you how to save money. I show you how someone who only has a few dollars to spend can actually get started.   As low as 11$ depending on the market.  The market is volatile, prices go up and down.  When I purchased an NFT at 0.33 SOL it was at about 75$ at the time, now it's at $35.   So it varies.  But you will see results. And these results will be life changing. 

    Copyright 2022 by NFT's Cracked 2022

    Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | Support 

    Disclaimer/ Risk Warning

    NFTs Cracked is not financial advice and should not be taken as Financial Advice. The views I have in my training videos are completely speculative opinions and based on my own personal results. It does not guarantee any specific result. The NFT Space is extremely volatile and has high risk. You should never act on anyone’s advice or opinions, without first doing your own research, realising your own risk, and making your own decision. I recommend you speaking with a licensed and qualified professional before making any impulsive financial decisions.